The talent

The young people we work with come from diverse backgrounds; ex offenders, long term unemployed, those in degrees or full time employment with ambition to change career.  Following basic training our young creative’s cut their teeth creating content for their peers on positive opportunities website YH World

YH creatives profiles HERE

With 230 people on the network, we’ve offered over 2000 hours of support, development and work experience, supported 4 young creatives to run funded projects and paid 30 to co create marketing solutions with us. Below are some of the people you’ll find in the office on a regular basis:

2012 – staff and Academy : Michelle Stannard, Kezia Levitas, Ondre Roach, Tom Hadrill, Sienna Murdoch

2010 – 2011 staff update :

Jenkins Akinola – 19, came from the youth offending team, won funding from Unltd for his own film project, got his work screened at Doc Screen in the Hackney Picture House and has moved on to uni!

Chris 28 – When we met Chris he’d been long term unemployed and was recovering form alcoholism. He’s now a qualified drugs and alcohol worker. This is my favourite rant from Chris!

Kayla 21 –  Long term unemployed, ex offender and local Hackney girl Kayla arrived from Future jobs as admin assistant but has gone on to win Media Trust grant to create Hackney Hounds , got her level 3 Admin and leadership and is now working with Art Against Knives. She’s now a mum and got a full time job in Admin!

Farzana 18 Disengaged with school and depressed after experience in the care system, we met Fuz during her DV8 training course. When she found design she found something she loved and really excelled at. Stalking celebrities at The Underage festival, Fuz is a talented camera-woman and designer. Fuz is a mum and has just got into uni!

Siana 18Fearless in the face of celebrity or anyone else for that matter. She regularly goes on missions for reporting on events and getting herself backstage to question up and coming pop stars. Active member of the DARE youth advisory board. Siana got into Cambridge and is in her first year. She;s also working on Young & Brilliant.

Other young people we’ve worked with in 2010 – 2011 :

Billie 17 – We’re really glad Billie is a beauty school drop out because she’s full of bright ideas and great at helping us build the YH brand. She joined us form DV8 Training as a workie and we supported her to run HYPE. She’s now back in full time education.

Lem 25 – a talented blogger, digital jester and presenter Lem has been writing and reviewing for us from the start. Representing What’s Up on LBC radio, BBC3 and putting the hard word on MP’s on behalf of our readers. Lem won funding for his own project Evolution NOW


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