Late night on the estate, London. Two hooded and capped teen boys hang out, waiting for a couple of teen girls. Nervously the girls approach. Tiana used to go out with Stigz, but she’s not sure about this new guy he insisted on bringing along. She thought they were going out to a party, but … Continue reading

F.Y.I exhibition – you’re invited

I can’t tell you how it feels to watch the idea me and Agenda got excited about so long ago come to life. There were times I really didn’t believe it would happen. We have YH Creatives drop out, we had sponsors drop out but after months the project that started out as My Space over … Continue reading

Youth led media – what do we mean?

Mediorite runs YH Creatives, an agency made up of young people we’ve trained and developed and creative professionals. Referred through the youth offending team, job center or partner  we offer casual volunteering  opportunities on  YHWorld . Focused young creatives then progress to our 6 week training and work experience program.  Successful trainees go on to … Continue reading

YH World

YH World – Attention Young London! What is YH? YH is a unique online magazine packed with positive information for young Londoners produced by a network of young aspiring writers, artists and musicians. With a big focus on FREE we uncover events, workshops, training, volunteering, and help aimed at young London. We deliver 5k monthly … Continue reading

Time to Shine

132 seater cinema FULL, chicken and drinks afterwards and a standing ovation for Kayla. Photo by Agenda D1CC74BB-4B8B-2ACC-677E-C6F77978CA80 1.03.01

Rich Mix event provokes and inspires

Rich Mix event provokes and inspires By Cissy Baillie Cheers and laughs are not what you might expect to hear coming from a darkened cinema at an event about knife crime. But the full house of energetic young people playing PlayStation3 on the cinema screen were part of a social experiment making a serious point. … Continue reading


We’re here! We’re in the VIP area and Ellie Goulding just signed a Hackney Hounds postcard. Who would of thought it, we’re with the artists right next to the Tango stage. It’s AWESOME!!! Seen loads of people and everyone looks famous plus we got freebies from the Sugar magazine girls and Tom Deacon from the … Continue reading

Project: Hackney Hounds

Hackney Hounds: changing minds, changing lives Young people and dangerous dogs. Particularly when they’re associated with Hackney, these two subjects spark negative stereotypes of gangs, unemployment, poverty and violence. The Hackney Hounds project turned this perception on its head. We brought together a group of young people who were not in employment, education or training … Continue reading

My Space

Public spaces can offer a meeting place or a chance to be alone and each age group have a unique way of using the space around them. Photos by Agenda retouching by The Surgery Young people in particular seem to claim an area or corner of our busy urban space to create and express their … Continue reading

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