Our Project work

We’ve had fun, we’ve had tantrums and more importantly we understand how to run successful youth led projects with hard to reach young people.

YHWorld : An online magazine written by a network of young creatives to uncover and share London’s wealth of youth opportunities, YH offers ongoing work experience and both feeds and distributes our other work.

Results: 10k page impressions a month, 600 blog views and a network of 200+ young creatives

Latest campaigns : Sofa Surfer & Stop & Talk

Focused Young Individuals – photography exhibition in collaboration with Art Against Knives, Poached Creative and Agenda. The Art trail reached a passing footfall of 200,000 we got PR from Dazed, ID, Wallpaper and Fred Butler as well as local papers and created opportunities for 30 disadvantaged young people. Read more

Hackney Hounds : Short film ‘Life’s a Bitch’ took a crew of 5 young Hackney girls, added 11 media professionals, 8 university mentors and help from the local community to ask whether Staffordshire Bull Terriers are ‘Pets or Threats’. Read all about it HERE

Results: 100% of the crew are back in education, standing room only at the Premiere

HYPE : Does “violent media = violent youth?” 17 year old Billie Fisher got funding from Unltd LIVE to run an experiment and debate using a PS3 on the big screen and urban music videos with help from Alexander Rose and New Horizons.

Results: Billie is back in full time education

Evolution NOW : Politics is our means of effecting change and yet 48% of under 24’s didn’t register to vote in the 2010 elections. Lem Leon won YIA funding from the British Council to find creative ways of engaging young people with politics.

Keep it Brief : An Unltd funded pilot scheme offered young people training in advertising and communication as they worked on live briefs for both Hackney Hounds and HYPE.

Hackney Young Photographers : development for 6 young photographers, open sessions for the wider community and the chance for the HYP to share their skills. We’re half way through shooting Ourspace with professional photographer Agenda and the HYP are getting their first taste of assisting.

Agnieszka has an internship at M-Chi
Kayla got a job as media assistant on Contrast Magazine and leads Art Against Knives project Ourspace


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