LBi – It’s not bad, it’s just not finished

Part 2: Marcus Mustafa – Global Head of User Experience Architecture @ LBi Prototype – you won’t get it right first time so create, release, test, test, test. responding to audience feedback and work towards seductive design. Get your thinking right, here’s some pointers:     Who are your audience, what do they want and need? … Continue reading

Social media planning – join the conversation

I’ve just come back from a really interesting visit to digital marketing agency Think Jam with DiVA Apprentices. Social Media planner Teague gave us some great tips on ‘being social’: THE BASICS Research your audience and find out where they are What platforms do you need to be on to reach them? What content or … Continue reading

What do young Hackney want?

What do young Hackney want? It’s an interesting question and one I’ve asked before but today I took advantage of having 14 year old Yonatan in the office on work experience. Here are the three main issues he identified with being young and from Hackney: Safe – whether it’s bullying, gangs, crossing the road or … Continue reading

2012 – how we delivered on our promise

EOY 2012 – Mediorite, committed to developing young people within media Tackling the root causes of youth unemployment, gang violence and knife crime we build confidence and transferable communication skills with disadvantaged young creatives to get results. Who do we work with? Last year we worked with 261 young Londoners through outreach, as trainees or … Continue reading

Sofa Surfer – Art to support our message

We launched Sofa Surfer on the 22nd at Art Against Knives Boxpark in Shoreditch, with art for sale ( at a reasonable price, with the money going to run more youth projects ) on every wall we wanted to find some works in keeping with the films message to help make the event complete. Read … Continue reading

Active Grants – music video bust up

What do you do if you need to shoot a music video for a young Jamacian      artist singing Dancehall? Have a BBQ on London Fields is what! Camera Tom Hadrill, Rolando Allen ( pictured )  and Ollie Smith from Ravensbourne college Producer : Pete ( No Hats No Hoods ) Ondre Roach Performance : Akeine … Continue reading


Not only are we a social enterprise but we also work hard to trade with as many of our kind as we can – because if you can get great quality at a good price AND have social value, then why wouldn’t you? With Social Enterprise Day round the corner and Social Enterprise UK planning … Continue reading

Stop & Talk

What started as a website to support the launch of Offcentre film The Right Track became a national campaign featured on The Independent blog, a photography exhibition showcased by Dazed and meetings with the Met Police. It also created opportunities for 11 young creatives and 2 long term unemployed trainees. The issue Every now and … Continue reading


PHOTOGRAPH BY ONDRE ROACH, 18 FROM YH WORLD What started as a brief designed to get writers and photographers in our office to collaborate has become a campaign and exhibition with a film, live performance and 23 works of art. On the anniversary of the riots we’re proud to present FREEDOM – 9th August 6pm … Continue reading

Stop & Talk

Stop & Search comes up for discussion in our office over and over again. “It felt like it was being used for any opportunity to bring me down” And in fact a study into the 2011 UK riots conducted by the London School of Economics and The Guardian – “Reading the Riots: Investigating England’s Summer … Continue reading

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