Stop & Talk

Stop & Search comes up for discussion in our office over and over again. “It felt like it was being used for any opportunity to bring me down” And in fact a study into the 2011 UK riots conducted by the London School of Economics and The Guardian – “Reading the Riots: Investigating England’s Summer … Continue reading

Making music with the BBC

How can The BBC Academy reach those to whom it’ll make the most difference? We wanted to create a pathway from Workshop 44 to the Academy. Supported by Sweet Combination a music charity developing a young local artist AG, the BBC and The Right Track we put together a series of Making a Music Video … Continue reading

Staying Safe

Staying Safe is a National Lottery funded project that sees Peabody support and develop young people across London to tackle the problems they see around them through campaigning. Our role ( along with Poached Creative & Dream Arts ) is to teach, support and develop established groups of young leaders to launch successful campaigns and … Continue reading

End of Year – 2011

End of Year report. Why & how we were brilliant in 2011 Mediorite committed to developing young people within media Through our actions 139 young Londoners made leaps towards their creative career and connected the community with their news stories to reach 120k other young people a month How we make a difference in our … Continue reading


Sofa Surfer is the story of a young woman from Hackney, JRC, who spent years staying on friends’ and relatives’ sofas and, once again, has nowhere to go. No-one knows how many young people in London are sofa surfing – living on sofas in the homes of friends or relatives with nowhere else to go. … Continue reading

YH Creatives update

We don’t talk about our successes enough so here’s an update on some YH regulars : Akilah – got a job at The Voice! Jenkins – got a job as a runner @ a TOP EAST END AD AGENCY!!! Kayla – came on Future Jobs Fund, directed her own short film Hackney Hounds and went … Continue reading

Time to Shine

132 seater cinema FULL, chicken and drinks afterwards and a standing ovation for Kayla. Photo by Agenda D1CC74BB-4B8B-2ACC-677E-C6F77978CA80 1.03.01

Rich Mix event provokes and inspires

Rich Mix event provokes and inspires By Cissy Baillie Cheers and laughs are not what you might expect to hear coming from a darkened cinema at an event about knife crime. But the full house of energetic young people playing PlayStation3 on the cinema screen were part of a social experiment making a serious point. … Continue reading


We’re here! We’re in the VIP area and Ellie Goulding just signed a Hackney Hounds postcard. Who would of thought it, we’re with the artists right next to the Tango stage. It’s AWESOME!!! Seen loads of people and everyone looks famous plus we got freebies from the Sugar magazine girls and Tom Deacon from the … Continue reading

Project: HYPE?

HYPE? Does violent media = violent youth? Is there a relationship between the latest rude boy Grime acts, shoot ‘em up video games and youth violence? To find out we booked a cinema screen and offered young people the chance to battle their friends on Playstation 3 and listen to music designed to get them … Continue reading

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