Exploring leadership

Thanks to Blessing White and EY a Mediorite film crew consisting of award winning DOP and video academy member Abs Rebika got to spend all day with a view of Tower Bridge filming a masterclass in leadership.

To support the EY Future Leaders program we had four partners from across the business in interview with engagement expert Gareth Jones.

The experience made me realise the voluntary sector just don’t spend anywhere near enough time, effort or energy developing their leaders of the future, benchmarking success or creating an environment that encourages people to strive. I’m not just talking about role model campaigns looking for U24’s to start their own business, I’m talking about managers within charities and youth workers too.

What I took away from the day is that managing your reputation is paramount to an organisations brand and that to get ahead experiences that take you out of your comfort zone are important for personal development

Thank you Blessing White and EY for using our services, it created a paid assisting roles for Abs, a young film makers who’s completed our video academy program. Working with us allows us not only to create paid work for our young creatives but also invest in future training programs and 1-2-1 support for young people at risk of offending


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