Oiimysize Wins Nominet Internet Award 2013

Oiimysize, the online magazine style website we created with a small group of teenage girls from Pimlico, has won the prestigious Nominet Award for ‘Making the Internet a Safer Place’ having beaten runner-up Internet Watch Foundation, the UK hotline for reporting criminal online content and BBC Share Take Care.

Targeted at young people to bridge the gap between the two sexes, what makes Oiimysize unique from other websites aimed at teenagers is that the content is relevant, useful and entertaining. The feature on ‘Sexting’ is current as referencing celebrity scandals and ‘Rate My Churpz’ helps get people onto the site with a humorous approach to a serious issue.

Mediorite delivered the media training and commissioned the website and content from our network of professionals. Build was done by Pixel Parlour, copy, Kat Rice and filming, Oonagh Cousins.  We also arranged visits to IPC Media and from Brook Clinic.

Oiimysize managed to deal with difficult topics generally disregarded for young people growing up, including scenarios which depict the whole spectrum of wrong and victims’ stories to make the topic relatable to an audience who have not necessarily had to deal with sensitive subjects.

The site manages to inform and not lecture, describe but not bore. Written by young people for young people, Oiimysize has a firm tone and a fresh outlook on the youth of the 21st century.

A very deserving winner of the ‘Making the Internet a Safer Place’ Nominet Internet Award 2013

Who else was involved? We worked in partnership with Dream Arts who led the group and made sure the girls were in the right frame of mind to engage with the training and achieve their Arts Awards and OCN accreditation. Special thanks to Anne Marie from Dream Arts for being an inspiration  project lead. Peabody Trust funded the project under their Staying Safe banner.


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