Video works hard for your spend

Story telling helps charities engage donors with their issue and brand. Big charities like NSPCC with their emotive award winning TV adverts made by the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi have long understood the benefits. The question is how can smaller charities get in on the action?

Firstly if you think you can’t afford video think about your spend on flyers, postcards or posters to tell people what you do. A little bit of design, print and distribution can cost £500 and when you ask people ‘how did you find out about us?’ they NEVER say ” I saw a poster ”

With online forming the backbone of most charities communication strategies, social media offers a free way to reach new supporters and deepen existing relationships but these platforms content to bring them to life.

What about pitching a new product or service to a specific client group? Could you  create content to speak specifically to the people who could commission your services or explaining a change in policy to staff instead of paying for external training?

More importantly what else can tell your story in 3 minutes or less in such an easy to engage with way? ( Kids Company’s recent vine campaign did it in 3 seconds!)

So finally here’s 3 Reason why video is a sound investment:

  • Well planned video content never goes out of date
  • It works hard across all digital platforms and offers measurable results thanks to views and comments
  • You can roll it out at the annual fundraiser and other events

Cost outlines: £350 per day and 1 day shoot makes 2 days editing, oh and you’ll need to factor in prep time. Get a great water tight brief so you don’t get charged for extra changes. It can take up to 7 hours to render a 3 minute film after 1 minor text change ( this would be a DAY’s worth of extra costs ) so get it absolutely clear before you start.

FACTS: youtube is no2 in Google’s 2013 most visited websites AND the same position in Hitwise’s most visited mobile sites.

* in my experience of running my own campaigns and marketing for other third sector organizations!


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