Oiimysize – up for a Nominet Award

As part of the Peabody Trusts Staying Safe campaign we developed a group of young girls from Pimlico to find their voice and launch a campaign around sexting.


Oiimysize – at it’s heart oiimysize is about trusting your gut instinct and making safe choices when it comes to teenage relationships.  With a photo story, video interviews with experts and film ‘Warning’ supported by more entertaining magazine style content the aim was to mix facts and guidance with engaging content linked to current events like Tulisa’s then recent scandal.


What set this group apart was they avoided preaching with fun engaging ideas like Rate my Chirpz leading people into the harder hitting content. They managed to let other young people find a way into a vitally important yet easy to avoid debate “when it comes to teen relationship – when should you say no?”

After a lot of hard work the girls won not only their Silver Arts Awards and a OCN project management accreditation but the much deserved Nominet internet safety nomination

What next?  The girls continue to work with Peabody working closely their Domestic Violence team and Shanice recently won a place at The Brit School and paid acting work with us for The Childrens Society as Courtney a young girl helped following sexual abuse.

Thanks to Anne Marie from Dream Arts & Isabel Chapman from Peabody. We offered expert training and they made the group work!


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