Social media planning – join the conversation

I’ve just come back from a really interesting visit to digital marketing agency Think Jam with DiVA Apprentices. Social Media planner Teague gave us some great tips on ‘being social’:


  • Research your audience and find out where they are
  • What platforms do you need to be on to reach them?
  • What content or stories could you tell to drive conversations

The detail:

1. Find out who’s talking about you using Cisimus / Regin6 or Brandwatch. Now you’ve got your peer influencers!

2. Build a relationship with your influencers through value and reward IE:

_Free, cool stuff – celebs and publishers will Twitpic your goodie bags, teen ‘super fans’ will share your exclusive comp, their win or that unique behind the scene photo.

_Access and endorsement – #thewayiseeit Alan Sugar references favorite rants from fan in a signed copy of his book all played out over facebook / twitter. Also see #noitsustoo Miranda Harts UGC ebook

3. It’s about conversations NOT broadcasts

Be honest, funny and open. Get your tone right and as you can’t control the conversation position yourself as a ‘super fan’ and ‘steer’

Above all remember success = engagement, a facebook page with 2k of followers who aren’t interacting is a FAIL. Set your targets against comparable campaigns and seek to target the right people with exciting content.

Platform specific insight: Facebook is great for visually interesting posts ( photos, video, site specific art work )  and people are on facebook all day but 1-2 updates a day is about right as it’s a space for friends. Twitter, you need to pick your time and make sure your tone is active, your tweets full of links and CTA’s. You can tweet as much as you want ( within reason! ) without annoying people!


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