Stop & Talk

What started as a website to support the launch of Offcentre film The Right Track became a national campaign featured on The Independent blog, a photography exhibition showcased by Dazed and meetings with the Met Police.

It also created opportunities for 11 young creatives and 2 long term unemployed trainees.

The issue

Every now and then you come across an issue that really resonates and Stop & Search is that issue for anyone working with young people in London. As we approached the anniversary of the riots and the launch of Offcentres film “ Stop & Talk “ galvanized the message we wanted to promote from our office in Hackney.

Poking around twitter using #stopandsearch linked us to @justforKidsLaw and the collective they’d assembles including @StopWatch @ReleaseDrugs. The Open Society, Stop & Search Legal Project and Stop Criminalising Hackney Youth. The collective had formed once JFKL had realised that the Stop & Search App they were planning had already been made.

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In fact just from basic research the amount of video, film and campaigning assets that already exist made it obvious that the biggest problem we face in the voluntary sector is the danger of constantly covering the same ground and failing to join up to amplify those messages. ( see our support page )

The Open Letter ( Bernard Hogan Howe Theresa May and Nick Herbert ) – working with Kam from Stop Watch we produced and sent a letter requesting an end to the sue of Section 60. The key points being the disproportional targeting of young black males, lack of convictions and damages the already poor relationship Police have with young people. We also sent out a press release and directed people to Stop & Talk website to register.

Coverage : The Independent, CYP NOW, The Grantham Journal, The right Human, The Huffington Post.The Voice

Special thanks for ex trainee Akilah for The Voice article – it’s a fantastic feeling to have young people you’ve worked with in a position to support your campaigns.

The Art exhibition

As a creative agency it also felt important to respond creatively to some of the key themes that we’re thrown up from the collective, our young people and the professionals we work with ( Niall OBrien, Agenda, Poached ). FREEDOM seemed to embody everything we were talking about, whether that’s young peoples right to walk down the street unchallenged unless they’ve given cause for suspicion to freedom to earn money and have career or just to be free from self doubt. Art Against Knives ( vital as always ) hosted the exhibition and got attention from

VV Vintage & Art Wednesday  covered the event and between us Ondre went on Choice FM, I spoke on LBC and Katy from Art Against Knives covered BBC London.

We also had an article in the Hackney Gazette written by Poached trainee Leyroy and Glenn Mcmahon and Jess from Poached wrote for The Citizen. The exhibtion was also promoted in the Hackney Today.

WHAT NEXT? I’ve been attending local grassroots community meetings to gain a better understanding of what’s being done locally and along with Stop & Search Legal Project and Art Against Knives trying to survey as many young people as we can before heading into the Met Police CCC building to try to get the Police’s agreement to look for ways to improve.

Whilst I’ve learnt a lot more about campaigning and grass roots politics, after all it’s important to know what you’re good at and for us, that’s looking for creative solutions to the ultimate communication problem. Drop me a line if your involved in your own Stop & Search campaign or would like to support ours

One Response to “Stop & Talk”
  1. Joel says:

    Great article Lucy – and great to see you are taking things forward with MET. Just for Kids Law behind you all the way!

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