Ourspac_e comes alive

Hackney Young Photographers Assist

OK so I’ve been working on the Ourspac_e photography project with Agenda for about 2 years. We came up with the idea in March 2009 as a collaborative project to capture young people in their place of meaning. We wanted to explore that time in your life when you cannon from home to school or college with no ownership of your space. Teenagers in particular have to carve out a corner of the city to call their own and we wanted to explore this as a unique time in your life when you need that.

Back then the project was called Myspace, we shot a photo with Fuz one of my journalists at the time, The Surgery retouched it and we started looking for a delivery partner only for the rug to be whipped from beneath the country with a change of government.

It took meeting Art Against Knives and the Hackney Young Photographers to find the right partners to bring the project into being and that’s where we are now, bring the project to life.

What’s happening? Well we’ve found 6 brilliant young creatives and with the help of Rebekha they’ve been interviewed with features to come on each. We took the interviews and used them to find locations to shoot each in that helped tell their story. We’ve shot 3 already ( details below ) with 3 left to do and Art Against Knives have a stand at London Fields Festival in June to sell postcards from the best photos to raise money for more creatives projects.

Let’s begin – so we’re doing this on zero budget and it’s only thanks to the venues, Leagas Delaney for the lights, the subjects for standing still ( in the cold! ) and of course Agenda and his sister Daphne for their time that we’ve got this far. Now the HYP are getting their first assisting jobs, I’m an art director and 2 years of talking becomes real.

Shoot 1: 22nd March Mark Richmond ( Space Studios ) , in his bedroom . music studio

Assistants : Tola ( read Tola’s blog )  and Victoria Chase, Daphne and me

5 people in Mark’s bedroom involved some standing on one leg and straddling a pile of trainers. Best shot? The last one we took as a joke.

Shoot 2: 23rd March Kojo @ Hoxton Hall

Assistants : Michelle Stannard, Daphne and me

The theatre was out of bounds due to an evening performance – we bugged Kat ( thanks KAT!!! ) to let us shoot anyway seeing as we had the lights. We got the shot by standing Kojo next to the open doors with the hall behind. No harm done and it felt like the right shot despite no being allowed access to the main space

Shoot 3: 23rd Jenkins @ La Bouche and top of Broadway Market

Assistants : Hallie, Daphne and me

Sweet talk two customers in La Bouche into moving seats, get stared at by the local kids who think we’re making a music video and chat with the local tramps at the bottom of London Fields whilst keeping an eye on all the kit.

I think i prefer this shot Agenda took at the Encore video shoot……. how am i going to tell either of them???


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