Project: HYPE?

HYPE? Does violent media = violent youth?

Is there a relationship between the latest rude boy Grime acts, shoot ‘em up video games and youth violence? To find out we booked a cinema screen and offered young people the chance to battle their friends on Playstation 3 and listen to music designed to get them hyped up. On the spot attitudinal research was taken and compared to a control group before Alexander Rose ( Battlefront / STOP ) leds a debate supported by youth workers from New Horizon.

Billie Fisher 17, from South London was the brains behind the event “No one is talking to us about knife crime in school or at home but it’s on the news all the time and there are tv program and films being made about it. At my school it’s getting out of hand now with people talking about shanking each other for petty arguments and everybody is using language they pick up from media, videos and tv shows and copying people they see on TV. I just want everyone to stop and think”



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