The Chrysalids

Lucy finds out that you don’t need to know anything about the theatre to have a great, cheap night out.

Despite working for What’s Up Information for a year and having interviewed two members of the youth theatre I’m ashamed to say Friday was my first time watching an actual play at the actual theatre.

It’s nothing personal, i just never think of theatre for a night out. Movie, yes, bowling maybe, art, definately but i don’t know anything about the theatre so i never think to go.

Watching a great play by the Arcola youth theatre has changed that and with ‘pay what you can ‘ nights means its a heck of a lot cheaper than the cinema too.

So what’s the play about? We shuffled through the rain into a stripped down theatre set and took my seat to find out.

Imagine a new world order where a society of perfect people live within a bordered town. Any type of abnormality is feared and attacked. A sub culture survives of fringe people hiding and scavaging to survive.  But what constituted an abnormality? The play starts with telepatic sons and daughters of perfect people remembering a recurring dream of a better home.

we follow the visibly perfect telephaths as they’re forced to chose between their families and the society they know and the dream of a free home.

The actors were excellent and with a minimal set worked really worked well. As leader if the telephaths meets a young mutant girl on the edge of the land you really feel the pain and confusion of being trapped in someone elses vision, constrained by rules you don’t believe in.

As the telepaths and Fringe people  set off on a new journey using one of the only remaining true maps of the land you can;t help but feel  that putting the play on so close to the elections also seemed somehow fitting. With BNP adverts on television and news stories of religious fundamentalism the story seems dangerously possible.

And in a nutshell thats what i enjoyed about the play. It make me think more than bowling and i spent 10 minutes after the play had finished discussing it with my friend

So next time you’re trying to think of something to do remember the theatre. Unlike the movies you’re get to sit right next to the action, can really feel the atmosphere and enjoy the fact that every show is totally unique.


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